Connecticut Custom Closets

Your morning starts in a closet as you grab your clothes for the day. Often you day ends in a closet. Make sure that your closets meet your needs perfectly.

A professional Connecticut-based carpenter can help you design and build the perfect custom closet based on your needs. From up and down closet bars to shoes racks to drawers, a carpenter can create the ideal closet to meet your needs.

Be sure that you only work with a licensed and bonded carpenter. Someone with proven skills and talents can build a closet that will meet your every need from today and years to come.

One of the advantages to choosing a professional carpenter is that they will be able to show you dozens of options. Choosing the right wood (pine for a lighter look, maple for darker) and the right additions can make your closet the ideal space for your entire wardrobe.

Your carpenter can also help you make the very best of your space. Whether you have a huge walk-in closet or just a tiny space, the right design can make your closet more useful, with less wasted space.

Start by choosing someone with experience who comes highly recommended. Interview them to make sure that they understand your needs. Ask for references and photos of their previous work. Make a payment arrange that meets your needs and theirs. Then simply monitor their work to be sure that you are getting the work that you are paying for.

BIOS Building Technologies is The Connecticut Carpenter. We provides quality work at affordable prices on all phases of carpentry. Contact Steve Schappert today for a free quote 203-994-3950

Connecticut Carpenters are available to build your next Connecticut carpentry project

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