Connecticut Doors

Finding the right carpenter in Connecticut to install new doors can be difficult. There are thousands of contractors willing to do the work, but not all are qualified or licensed.

The doors of your home are more than simply the way that you get in and out of the house and individual rooms. Your doors are the first line of defense against the weather and criminals who seek to get in and steal your hard-earned money.

An improperly hung door can leave gaps where the cold and heat from inside can escape. Also, doors that are not installed properly can make it very easy for a burglar to break in.

Connecticut Carpenters is a division of BIOS Building Technologies LLC.  we are a fully licensed and insured home improvement contractor in Connecticut. Each of our carpenters is a trained professional that has years of experience making sure that your doors provide your with the right protection and energy savings.

Energy Star rated exterior doors are designed to keep the heat out in summer and the cold out in winter. Anyone who has lived through a year in Connecticut knows that the weather can reach extremes every year, sometimes in the same month.

A professional Connecticut carpenter can provide you with the service that you need and can even advise you as to what the best door is for your needs.

BIOS Building Technologies is The Connecticut Carpenter. We provides quality work at affordable prices on all phases of carpentry including door installation. Contact Steve Schappert today for a free quote 203-994-3950

Connecticut Carpenters are available to build your next Connecticut carpentry project

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