Connecticut Siding Installation

Vinyl siding
Connecticut Carpenters can help you select the right siding for your project (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every day, thousands of phone calls are made trying to sell siding to residents in Connecticut. Before you say yes, ask yourself, “Is some anonymous voice on the phone who called you at random the person you should take advice from?”

At, we offer you a list of Connecticut professional siding carpenters. This is a list of experienced contractors that we know are experts in their field.

BIOS Can help you with exterior color and siding selection. We have 3 decorators on staff.

There are several different types of siding available:

Hiring the right professional can help to ensure that your siding will last for years. A pro provides you with the experience to be able to advise as to which type of siding to use. They will be able to install it so that it is guaranteed to protect you and your family for decades.

Not only will most siding carpenters provide you with an extended labor warranty, but, because they are professional installers, the manufacturers offer guarantees that can last for decades or for a lifetime.

The siding on your house is the first thing anyone sees and it is an important part of an energy-saving, well-insulated home. Connecticut winters can get rough; make sure that a truly great siding carpenter helps you stay protected.

BIOS Building Technologies is The Connecticut Carpenter. We provides quality work at affordable prices on all phases of carpentry, including siding. Contact Steve Schappert today for a free quote 203-994-3950

Connecticut Carpenters are available to build your next Connecticut carpentry project

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