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A few tips on the tools you’ll need to start woodworking by Jon Peters – YouTube often ask me what tools should they buy first, to get started in woodworking. Well my advice in this order is. A good table saw with a good fence, I suggest a Biesemeyer fence, a sliding compound miter saw and a 18 gage nail gun and compressor combo kit. That will get you started in the shop. For hand tool and I’m referring too power hand tools start with a cordless drill/ screw gun, a circular saw and a jig saw. For sanding I like the Bosch belt sander 4 x 24 and the porter cable

12 Tools Every Carpenter Needs – YouTube

Putting together a comprehensive set of carpentry tools can be a lifetime’s work. With each new job you tackle you find you could do with just that one extra tool. As your abilities as a carpenter grows you take on more challenges and of course they require…more tools. But if you’re just starting out and you want to gather together a few essentials that will come in useful for most carpentry projects. #1Tool Belt For ease of use when actually working on a project, you can’t beat a tool belt. Buy one tha