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Deck Maintenance – maintaining a deck, wood deck, & local pros

Checklist: Deck Maintenance by Jon Nunan

Checklist: Deck Maintenance

Building a deck is one of the most popular home improvement projects in the country. Decks are great places to entertain, cook out, or just relax by yourself; in some areas, building a deck is a project that will not only enhance your home, but will actually increase your property value enough to cover the construction expenses!Maintaining a deck is a necessity if you want to keep it looking good and performing well. Most wood decks will require a fair amount of maintenance over their lifetimes; failure to keep up with your deck maintenance is a sure way to both ruin your investment and be left with an eyesore instead of a pleasant place to unwind.

DIY Deck Maintenance Fortunately, maintaining a deck is something that homeowners can usually do without professional assistance. Though some deck maintenance might get a bit involved (especially if the deck has been neglected for several years), for the most part what you’ll need to worry about is keeping the wood in good shape.

Though some newer deck materials might not require much more than a periodic rinse, most homeowners choose to install wood decks for their appearance, versatility, and cost-effectiveness. Sealing a wood deck to prevent splintering and discoloration is a must, and it should be done annually. You should also give your deck a yearly examination to check for loose boards and nails.Wood decks also need to be cleaned regularly. If you decide to clean your deck yourself, follow the exact directions on the cleaning solution. In some cases, it may be necessary to hose down the deck and surrounding area before applying cleaning solutions. If your deck is near a flower bed or vegetable garden, clean carefully to limit the amount of solution that gets on nearby plants. Allow the solution to sit for the length of time recommended in the instructions. Once you are finished, make sure to rinse the deck thoroughly.

Increase your outdoor entertaining space! Use this link toInstall a DeckHiring a Pro to Maintain a DeckIf your deck is old or hasn’t been attended to in many years, there’s a good chance that the work it will take to get it into shape will be more involved. Removing and replacing rotted wood can be a big job; this is especially true for load-bearing columns or joists. Though handy homeowners might still opt to do this work themselves, many find that hiring a pro for more complex deck maintenance is well worth the price of labor.

Building a New Deck No wood deck will last forever, no matter how diligent you are with your deck maintenance. If you are replacing a deck or are building your first one, it is a good idea to check out what is available in deck materials. Using plastic or composite lumber can greatly reduce your yearly deck maintenance, but are more expensive than traditional wood deck materials. Tropical hardwoods like Ipe are making quite a name for themselves; not only do these products give you the look and feel of natural wood, but they require far less maintenance and hold up better than conventional lumber. Ipe and other tropical hardwoods are difficult to work with because they are incredibly dense; if you are considering tropical hardwood for your new deck, you will almost certainly need the help of a professional deck builder who’s well versed in the material.

Source: Deck Maintenance – maintaining a deck, wood deck, & local pros

Deck Builders | Working with Connecticut Deck Contractors

Working with Deck Builders by Jon Nunan

Though their presence is sure to be noticed, deck building companies are much less intrusive than many other home improvement contractors. Since deck building companies and deck contractors are going to be working almost exclusively outside, the hammering, cutting, and overall mess they’ll bring to your property isn’t likely to affect your daily life as much as a kitchen or bathroom remodeling crew would. While deck contractors are not as disruptive as many other contractors, developing a positive and mutually respectful relationship with your deck building company is still important if you want the project to go smoothly and produce the results you want. The following tips and advice about dealing with deck builders are going to help you establish the kind of relationship you want with your crew, and get you the deck you want with as little headache as possible.

What Deck Contractors Expect from You Dealing with deck contractors is easy when you start off on the right foot! Most deck building companies are well-equipped to do their job without much help from the homeowner. However, there are certain things that deck contractors will need from you, and offering these things up on the first day will make the project start smoothly.

In most cases, deck contractors are not going to bring their own power source, so it’s a good idea to point out any outdoor (or easily accessible indoor) power outlets when your crew arrives. Though it’s not as important in deck building as it is in landscaping, having an outdoor water source can certainly come in handy. If you have an outdoor spigot or garden hose, let your deck contractors know. While some deck building companies will include the cost of a port-a-john rental in the project price, others will not. If you have a bathroom that you don’t mind sharing, offering it up can be a sign of good will that will be both appreciated and noted (though you might want to lay some carpet remnants on the path between the bathroom and the outdoors to avoid unnecessary mess). Also, deck builders are likely to carpool, but having a convenient parking space or three that are near the worksite is likely to make everyone’s life a little easier.Add Affordable Living Space!

Build a Deck What You Should Expect from Deck Building Companies Courtesy and respect are great things to have on any jobsite, but your deck building company is there for a specific purpose: to fill your needs. Now, this doesn’t mean you should have your deck contractors bringing your garbage to the curb or washing your dog! What it does mean is that any house rules you have normally should be respected by your deck contractor. Is part of your property (like a garden or pool area) off-limits? Are smoking or swearing strictly prohibited? Are there any situations dealing with pets, children, or neighbors that you want your crew to avoid? If there are, letting your deck contractors know right from the get-go will prevent any accidental rule breaking.

Set Up Meetings with Your Deck Contractor Now that your deck builders are aware of your rules (and you’re aware of theirs), it is a good idea to set up a regular meeting with your crew leader to make sure that everything continues to go as planned. If your project is extensive, meeting once or twice a week may be ideal; for projects that will be over in a week or two, you might want to make the meetings more frequent. Having these meetings will allow you to check on progress and air any issues or concerns you have with how the project is going (and give your crew leader the same opportunity to voice any concerns he or she has). Your regularly scheduled meeting is also a great time to show some deck contractor appreciation. If you see a good job being done, let them know you’ve noticed their efforts. Some homeowners have gone the extra mile by providing cold drinks on hot days or even pizza for lunch as the project moves along, but you’ll be surprised at how much a simple compliment or two will go to keep things moving and maintain a positive atmosphere!

Source: Deck Builders | Working with Deck Contractors

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Video © 2015 SKS Media. Videos produced by SKS Media ( are provided for informational purposes only. The information contained in the videos is intended to give general guidance to simplify DIY (do it yourself) projects. Because tools, products, materials, equipment, techniques, building codes and local regulations are constantly changing, SKS Media cannot and does not assume any responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the information contained therein. Further, SKS Media will

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How To Build A Deck Part 1 – Footings & Foundations. This video will show you how to properly set up your footings because this sets the foundation for a safe and strong deck. Locating your footings using the triangulation method is best way. Download our “How to build a deck” tutorial to find the proper depth requirement for each post here:
Check out our deck concrete calculator found here…. Get instant calculations on all types of footings like square, walls, sidewalks and patios. Our calculator will calculate the concrete your footing will need in cubic feet, yards and the amount of 60 lb to 80 lb bags it will take. Always be sure you concrete is up to code with your local building department. If you are still looking for deck plans for your new decking project check out our free deck plans found on our website. We have over 80 plans and thousands of different sizes to choose from to fit every size of home. All of our deck plans are free to download at any time. We also offer custom deck design if you arent able to find a free deck plan of your liking.